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Horse breeding was an interest to me from a young age - funding was a limiting factor. When I bought the stud, I had to borrow the money and pay it off- so I had to make it work. Growing up and riding ponies there was no doubt that the Foresyte ponies were the “Rolls Royce” of ponies. I watched them at shows and dreamed of owning one.


Then one of my friends outgrew her pony and put her on the market, Foresyte Kerrids Thomasina. I explained to my parents how important it was to get this pony. When we asked for a price my dad said to me, "you are crazy, forget it!". So, I watched her go to another kid. I did get a new pony, a 4 year old who was just backed for R100 with its sheepskin saddle and farm bridle. He was my champion, not everyone agreed…


Not one of the original ponies ever left me and most ended their days in their 30+ years. You have no idea how much I loved them all. I successfully bred good ponies and produced them too. Some of our top young riders were a part of it.


The sport changed. Pony heights and multi-discipline fell away and ponies became sports equipment. I just couldn’t see them changing hands so regularly, so I stopped breeding ponies and retired what I had. I continued to breed as it is a passion of mine and started breeding warmbloods, not to sell only for my use. 


Breeding horses is fantastic when it all goes according to plan but mostly it involves blood sweat and tears. This is how it all began.

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